Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

I've long used unit test/integration test toolkits such as JUnit, but with Selenium, I've been a beginner.   My experience with Selenium has been the usual first experience: using the Firefox plugin Selenium IDE to record test cases as macros and play them back against web applications that are not witten using a web framework.   This is semi-automated - you can play each test, look at the screen, and record the result.   You can go farther with Selenium, using the IDE to record test macros, exporting the test to a unit/integration test framework, and enhancing the code to check for what you would look for in the scree.n   You start by exporting a test case or test suite to code; it supports JUnit or other test frameworks such as Ruby's rspec.   Once exported, the code that is generated can be enhanced to test for specific text in the final page, or wait for additional conditions before signaling the next action in a series of clicks, etc.   The tutorial below shows how to do this with Selenium WebDriver: