Got to learn SEO

How did a backend Linux guy like me get into the position of having to become a technical SEO expert overnight? Other departments have SEO experts, and my boss wants us to be able to have some authority over our own web properties. Fair enough; and overnight is a little strong.

My thinking is that possession is 9/10ths of the law. How are we monitoring these sites now? Who has access to the tools of the trade for these sites?

Once we have access in place, there are good blog entries (better than mine), on the subject. Without these tools, it doesn’t matter how much expertise I build on this little practice site: I won’t be able to able to do any technical SEO on the sites that matter more.

It’s a real question whether we get access. If we don’t get access to the tools of the trade, I’ll just have to sound knowledgeable about the process.