Jekyll generated html is faster than code

Now I am using Jekyll because statically generated html is fast and secure, and as a techie I am fine with Markdown.

I started this blog on Drupal because I needed to evaluate Drupal as a CMS against a number of other options. That was a big lift because I had never done CMS systems previously. For building applications, I found Drupal bloated but capable. For a blog, I found it overkill.

As a WCM for a small-medium business, or a campaign at a larger company, it seems just about right, but in a crowded field.

For a full enterprise CMS, I found “there’s a module for that” about as helpful as saying that you can find a part at the dump if you have a drill-press and know how to use it.

With Jekyll I have spent all my time on:

Even after rework, this theme is mostly unmodified - I took Slim Pickens from a list of themes and did minimal customization. It is surprisingly hard to do good graphic design, but I am getting there slowly. The journey from system software to the web application software continues.